Spread the love with these last-minute Valentine's Day food gifts, date ideas (2024)

MANILA, Philippines – Valentine’s Day only happens on one day – Wednesday, February 14 this year – but the kilig can last all day, everyday! Love knows no deadline, so if you’re still looking for last-minute sweet treats or romantic date ideas for the weekend, here are a few ideas you can spoil your other half with this season of love.

Sweets for your sweetie

How about a unique cake for your one-of-a-kind partner? Local bakery Amberlyns Cake has a limited edition Valentine’s Cake Collection that includes an Edible Flower Bouquet Cake that’s wrapped in fairy lights – a beautiful creation that resembles a stunning bouquet, but is completely consumable, even until the vase!

If your partner’s favorite flower is the sunflower, Amberlyns’ Sunflower Cake looks just like it, complete with “graham soil” and edible petals, leaves, stem, and pot. The cake layers inside are available in chocolate, carrot, red velvet, vanilla, mocha, and strawberry flavors.

Amberlyns Cake also has an Instax Cake that resembles a polaroid camera, including cute couple polaroid snapshots that customers can have printed beforehand and a customized dedication.

Beauty is in the eye

Did you know that Korean skincare brand Nature Republic also has a makeup line? Decked in classy and girly packaging, Nature Republic is all about simplicity in beauty with its range of soft eyeshadow palettes, sheer tinted lipsticks, blushers, and many more products that make up that healthy, dewy, and fresh look.

Nature Republic’s handy Daily Palettes come in various kinds: Blooming Mood with soft browns and corals; Sensual Mood with burgundy and glittery shades; and Lovely Mood with cool pinks.

The Lip Studio collection is a sheer glow lipstick in different shades – these glossy lippies remind me of a heavily tinted lip balm that’s nourishing, vibrant, and non-drying. Your girl might like the deep Cherry Ripe, the bright Pink Daisy, the more muted Dawn Rose!

Shape of my heart

It’s hard not to smile at anything heart-shaped this season! Pizza Hut’s Bacon Ensaymada Heart Pan Pizza is available for a limited time only, and is made with the usual mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, parmesan, quezo de bola, and a light lather of cream cheese frosting on the crust on a heart-shaped pizza dough.

Love can come in the form of ice cream, like Dairy Queen’s Love KitKat Blizzard Cake, a 6-inch ice cream made with DQ’ soft-serve and chocolate fudge on a cake crunch base, topped with a layer of KiKat Blizzard and pink rose pipings.

Honeybon’s Pistachio Nougat Heart may also be the key to his/her heart – vanilla chiffon cake is layered with whipped cream, meringue, crushed pistachio bits for crunch.

Quality time is a love language

Food and gaming, g? Enjoy the best of both worlds together with sukiyaki bar Inari Sukiyaki’s Valentine’s promo, in collaboration with Timezone, which is right next door. Both are located at Public Eatery at the fourth floor of Robinsons Magnolia.

Lovers can choose from Inari’s Valentine’s set menus, which include either of its USDA ribeye or USDA misuji sukiyaki bowls, sushi rolls, tempura, drinks, and 500 Timezone credits.

Seize the clay with your date at Tahanan Pottery Studio, building your love and your own ceramics at the same time! You can try beginner-friendly single session workshops, hand-building clay classes, or a pottery wheel class by renowned artist Rita Badilla-Gudiño.

Bond while learning a new skill, and take home your very own ceramic beauties, like cups, bowls, pitchers, jars, teapots, accessories, plates, and more! The studio is located at Scout Tobias, Quezon City.

How about a romantic staycation and a Japanese buffet? Century Park Hotel in Malate, Manila is offering special promos to diners at Century Tsukiji, the popular and premium Japanese buffet, and affordable room rates starting at P5,500 for its Superior, Deluxe or Park Tower Suites.It even comes with a free bottle of wine and a stuffed toy!

Lots of activities are in store at Marco Polo Ortigas during Valentine’s Day and the week ahead – the Vu’s Sky Bar and Lounge that overlooks the city skyline sunset will offer a generous grazing table and a glass of wine, accompanied by jazzy live entertainment.

You can also enjoy a special buffet dinner at Cucina with fresh seafood, cheese, charcuterie, paella, pasta, and Asian and Western dishes, as well as dessert and sangria. Marco Polo Ortigas’ authentic Cantonese restaurant Lung Hin is also hosting a curated 6-course lunch and dinner set for two, featuring king prawns, Australian beef tenderloin, and other dishes. You can cap off the meal with a stay at the hotel, which will include complimentary wine, a round of co*cktails, and afternoon chocolates. – Rappler.com

Spread the love with these last-minute Valentine's Day food gifts, date ideas (2024)


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