21 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Coworker, The Only One In The Office Who "Gets You" (2024)

The concept of a "work husband" or "work wife" is often a tricky one, especially if you're already attached to someone else. But most people understand the boundaries and realize that work spouses simply the person who you can rely on more than anyone in the office — or over Zoom. And while Valentine's Day is seen as a day for lovers, it's also a great day to find Valentine's Day gifts for your coworker to let them know how much you appreciate their constant camaraderie.

The perfect gift for your work spouse doesn't necessarily need to fall into the "flowers and chocolates" category, and unless you want to take your work relationship to another level, it's probably best to steer clear of presents that give any sort of romantic vibe. Instead, the gift you'll want to get should focus on the friendship that you have. Think about the teapot full of private jokes that Jim gave to Pam on The Office (minus the mysterious love card). A tiny golf pencil and a packet of hot sauce might not make sense to most people, but they represented small moments that they shared. Given that your work spouse shares the same sense of humor of you (which is a must when dealing with office life), chances are you'll have a few mementos of your own that might be worth compiling.

If you're still coming up blank, here are a few more gift ideas that'll be absolutely perfect for the occasion.

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1. Floral Candle

For the work BFF who's always dreaming of warmer weather, you can't go wrong with this spring-inspired candle. With notes of magnolia, peony, and freesia — it's basically like giving them a longer-lasting bouquet.

2. Colorful Pen Holder

Desks get messy, so this creative gift will help your coworker get a little more organized. If they're into design, they'll definitely appreciate the thought involved.

3. 4-Pack Of Moscow Mules

Does your work spouse enjoy happy hour more than everything else in the world? Set them up for their next Friday night Zoom gathering with a 4-pack of canned co*cktails. Even better, these Moscow Mules come with a Friends-inspired message: "You're My Lobster."

4. "Book & Hero" Bookend

For the seat mate whose desk items always seem to end up in your work space, these bookends are a fun way to lend a helping hand.

5. "Girl Power" Pouch

Celebrate your office girl gang by gifting these stylish and motivational accessory pouches.

6. Wireless Mouse

For wherever your coworker may be working at the moment, this wireless Bluetooth mouse will help them get the job done while matching their style.

7. Queen Mug

A simple yet sweet statement mug to lift up your coffee-loving work friend.

8. Mini Waffle Maker

If your work pal is the Leslie Knope to your Anne Perkins, they'll freak out over this highly cute waffle maker.

9. Colorful Scrunchies

For the coworker who's always asking to borrow a hair tie, this multicolor pack of five will be put to use ASAP.

10. Air Plants

If your work spouse has a cubicle with hardly any light, these air plants might be a breath of fresh air. Air plants are notorious for being low maintenance, and only require a few spritzes of water on occasion.

11. Freezable Lunch Bag

Upgrade your work bestie's lunch bag to this freezable tote that has comfortable shoulder straps and can fit a ton of different container sizes — which also increases the chances they'll bring you a treat, too.

12. Inspirational Notebook

Upgrade your coworker's spiral notebook with this one that has a motivational message.

13. Dwight Schrute iPhone Case

Chances are, you both like The Office. If you two are constantly comparing your boss to Michael Scott, your work friend will totally appreciate this amazing Dwight Schrute case to jazz up their phone.

14. Rainbow Snack Bags

Give the coworker who always has the best snacks an upgrade to their storage game with these new rainbow Stasher bags. In one bundle, they'll get six top-rated silicone bags that are dishwasher and microwave safe — and sustainable.

15. Rechargeable Frother

If your work bestie is a latte lover, this USB-rechargeable Superwhisk from Golde will help them whip up their drinks like a total pro at the office, at home — or wherever they may be.

16. Laptop Sleeve

You've probably watched your BFF spill coffee on their laptop a countless amount of times. With this 5-star rated waterproof sleeve for MacBooks you can not only prevent their next accident, but help them looks stylish while doing it. Oh, and you can customize it with their name, too.

17. "I Love Pretzel Day" Tote

Another fun gift for a fan of The Office, and a practical one, at that. If your fave coworker values important employee annual traditions, such as Pretzel Day, they'll likely get a kick out of this gift. Even Stanley Hudson would appreciate this tote.

18. Steeped Coffee Packs

For the coworker who you can't talk to until they've had their coffee, these fresh micro-roasted coffee packets ensure they're getting a good-quality cup in three easy steps — wherever they may be. Plus, BLK & Bold donates 5% of all profits toward nonprofit organizations that support at-risk youth.

19. Toasty Hand Warmers

For the coworker who's always cold — whether they're inside the office and at home — these cute mitts will allow them to keep on typing, regardless of the temperature.

20. Fuzzy Slide Slippers

Whether your coworker is working from home or likes to get comfy on the weekends, these plush slipper slides with memory foam will help them reach their full cozy potential.

21. Handmade Coasters

Whether they use them for their evening glass of merlot or their midmorning latte, these handmade sweet grass fringe coasters will instantly add a vibrant touch to your coworker's home.

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21 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Coworker, The Only One In The Office Who "Gets You" (2024)


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